Name: Foldable Headphone with Infra Red Receiver
 Model: IR-HP-1
 Price:     50 PCS------------------- USD   /PC (EX-WORKS)
                 200 PCS------------------- USD   /PC (EX-WORKS)
                 500 PCS------------------- USD   /PC (FOB SHENZHEN)
               1000 PCS------------------- USD   /PC (FOB SHENZHEN)
 Size: mm
    Net Weight: g
 Packing: 30 PCS/CTN 40 PCS/CTN, 50 PCS/CTN





                             Infrared receiving headphone

文本框: 128X125X68mm


文本框: 128X125X68mm

   Use instrution 

1.     Fitted with two 3A/LRO3/UM4(NO.7) battery in and be used with the transmitter.

2.     Turn on, adjust the volume, you can listen now.

3.     Adjust the L/R channel for the best sound.

4.     "off" means turn on/off, " A" means A channel, "B"means B channel.




1Suitable for car audio system, for car use.

2Mini jack for audio input like MP3, iPod

3. Ultra light design for comfortable wearing

4. Operating distance up to 12 meters

5. Auto mute function and automatic shut-off after 10 min of no signal detection

6. Built-in 30 mm Mylar speaker to deliver audiophile grade sound quality

7. Several headphones can be used simultaneously with one audio transmitter source



1.System infrared light (850nm)

2.Carrier frequency:

a) A channel: left channel :2.3Mhz / Right channel: 2.8Mhz

b) B channel: left channel : 3.2Mhz  Right channel: 3.8Mh

3.Signal to Noise: >60db

4.Channel Separation: >45db

5.Distortion: <1%

6.Frequency Response: 30-20,000Hz

7.Power Supply: 2 x AAA Batteries (Not Included)


Clear general trouble



         trouble analysis


no voice

The headphone is turned on,or the battery has power?

turn on

The USB cable of transmitter error



Low-quality audio/Near the sun/Transmitter was blocked


poor sound


Low-quality audio

adjust audio

The battery has not enough power

charge battery



        Please note the following things in order to ensure good sound quality:

1.     This product an not be used outdoors, because of the ultraviolet sunlight interference.

2.     Do not use the headphone near the sunlight to avoid the noise interference.

3.     To ensure good reception, please try to keep headphone in front of the transmitter.

4.     Do not use the low-quality audio, that will damage the headphone, or make a big noise.

5.     When the power is low, the sound will distorted, please charge the battery.

6.     Adjust the input audio volume, no too small or too large.

7.     A long time no use please get the battery out.

 Packing size/weight


White package


Folding type

Out box size: 655X475X525mm


In box size: 122X89X126mm


Gross weight:

Folding type24.6KG1X100PCS

Net weight :

Folding type18 KG1X100PCS






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