Name: Parking Sensor With LED Monitor
 Model: PAE2


  ◇ Color LED displayer, fixed on dash.
◇ When backing, the sensor will work automatically.
◇ 3-color LED lights show left or right directions of obstacle.
◇ Numbers display the distance from the nearest obstacle to the car rear.
◇ Built-in buzzer in displayer, 3 kinds of BI sounds to warm, quicker when nearer.
◇ 4 detective heads, color optional, anti-water/shake/temperature/interference.
◇ Alarm range: 1.5-0.3M,
◇ Detective range: 2-0.3M.
◇ Work voltage: 10-15V,
◇ Max power: 4W.
◇ Detective frequency: 40KHZ.
◇ Work Temperature: -40-80C.
◇ Alarm volume: 70-90 DB.

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